Executive Boardrooms

Executive Boardrooms

The new concept of designing corporate boardrooms, as offered by Media Vision, is revolutionary in scope. Our user-friendly sound reinforcement solutions —which include all the features you need in ONE BOX— are less expensive and complex, provide hassle-free integration with no issues of compatibility, have natural and intelligible audio, and are easily expandable.

Our quality solutions are custom-designed to your needs to achieve perfect audio intelligibility while preserving the aesthetics of your room. For permanently furnished boardrooms we have elegant units that can be flush-mounted to your furniture. We also have a large choice of wired or wireless table-top units that can easily be removed for storage after your meeting.

All of our systems are fully immune to RF interferences from smartphones or Wi-Fi networks.

Contact us today to see how we can help executives in your organization communicate more effectively during meetings.


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Media Vision is a leading provider of professional wired and wireless conferencing solutions for multipurpose meeting rooms, VTC boardrooms, training centers, council chambers and auditoriums.

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