Flexible Meeting Spaces

Flexible Meeting Spaces

Multipurpose meeting rooms are used by different groups and frequently rearranged. Multiple adjacent rooms may also be combined to accomodate larger groups. It is common as well to see company executives hold meetings in different rooms or offsite. In these situations, you will need to chose a conference system giving you the versatility and efficiency to run your meetings when you want them and how you want them.

Media Vision provides highly portable conference systems to meet the needs of flexible meeting spaces. We have room combiner units to tie multiple systems together. Both our wireless units and our wired daisy-chain units have custom-designed carrying cases so they are easy to transport for storage or offsite meetings. All of our conference systems are very easy and quick to setup.

Contact us today to receive a demo and learn more about our ingenious portable solutions.

Read the AVTechnology Manager's Guide to Multipurpose Spaces (August 2014)


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