All teaching and learning environments must be equipped with technology that encourage collaboration and assist in providing a quality experience for the students and the instructor.  Studies conducted by the education industry over the years have shown the undeniable benefits of enhancing the quality and intelligibility of the voice within the classroom. The primary benefit is increased retention, which leads to higher test scores and grades. TAIDEN systems not only increase the sound quality in the classroom itself, they increase the quality of the sound in the far site distance learning classroom as well. By providing a low level distributed speaker system, we are able to increase the pickup pattern and gain before feedback from our microphones – which results in superior performance. 

In addition to enhanced audio performance, TAIDEN systems have the capability to provide student polling system, and even language interpretation system as one integrated solution, that has the ability to grow with your needs and requirements. Systems are capable of being permanently installed or supplied as a portable solution that packs into rolling storage cases. 

TAIDEN has a system that is perfect for multiple applications in the educational arena:

  • Lecture Halls
  • Distance Learning Centers
  • Student Centers
  • Board of Directors Boardrooms

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