City Council Chambers

City Council Chambers

The Council Chamber has always been the home to structured discussion and policy making, to collective decision making and problem solving by citizens and their local government. Our solutions use an all-in-one approach by providing one delegate microphone for each member of the council. This simple structure allows for more workspace and an easier interface for Council Members to speak, listen and vote.

Designed and manufactured with consideration from Clerks, Council Members, Consultants and purchasing administrators, Media Vision provides TAIDEN Conferencing Solutions, meeting the growing technological demands of this environment with controlled Speech Reinforcement, Electronic Voting and Digital Recording.

In our years of experience we have found that no two council chambers operate exactly the same and it has been in the flexibility of the TAIDEN solutions that our clients have seen success. Adapting a solution to meet the demands of the project is how we have seen success.

Contact us today to see how we can take your council chamber to the next level.

Media Vision
Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings.

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