From Traffic Court to the Supreme Court, Tax, County and State, the judicial branch of our government keeps a tedious balance of the law. At the trial level, it is imperative that the proceedings are able to be heard and understood by all. As technology progresses, tools for a safer and less costly practice of judiciating can be achieved, the solutions offered by Media Vision USA provide higher levels of intelligibility in the audio signal and Simultaneous Interpretation as an optional add on.

Our Solutions focus on not just meeting the audio requirements of each courtroom but also the durability demands for each component. Flush-Mounted options and custom plates allow our equipment to meet the unique requirements for various courts.

Where Multi-Track recording is required, our systems are capable of assigning microphone signal paths to specific outputs, making integration with digital recorders (or analog recorders) a snap.

Contact us today to learn how Media Vision can take your courtroom to the next level.

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