Wired and Wireless Electronic Nameplate with E Ink Display

San Francisco, CA, June 20, 2014

Wired and Wireless Electronic Nameplate with E Ink Display

Media Vision, the lead provider of professional conferencing systems, announces two significant upgrades to the TAIDEN electronic nameplate: the newly released HCS-1080 series nameplate has an electronic ink display and it is now available as wired or wireless making it a remarkable solution both for permanent installations and conference-style events.

Used to help identify attendees at meetings, the electronic nameplate is available as a standalone solution or as part of a conference microphone installation. The information to be displayed can be inputted directly on the nameplate via USB, remotely by the operator through Wi-Fi or upon participant’s sign in with IC card if used in combination with a conference system. Not having to print individual nameplates prior to each meeting makes meeting management a lot more efficient, it is an important source of cost and time savings.

Now using E Ink technology, the HCS-1080 nameplate is more comfortable to read, with a wider viewing angle compared to conventional displays. Another advantage is that E Ink requires ultra low power; the content can even be permanently displayed on the nameplate after it has been powered down. “Electronic ink is an amazing breakthrough technology and this nameplate is a very innovative and valuable application for it” says Fardad Zabetian, CEO of Media Vision.

The TAIDEN E Ink nameplate has an ultrathin, double-sided design. The wired unit can be recessed in tables in permanent installations such as training centers, conference rooms and university auditoriums. The wireless unit is a tabletop solution that is of interest for flexible meeting spaces and hotel and convention centers.

Media Vision
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