Paperless Multimedia Conference System

Paperless Multimedia Conference System (Taiden HCS-8300 Series) (Taiden HCS-8300 Series)

Achieve fully paperless meetings with the newly released digital congress system. Discussion units incorporate a touch panel interface so you are able to view meeting documents, presentations and video content.

Wireless Conference System

Wireless Conference System (Taiden HCS-5300 Series)

Our state-of-the-art digital infrared wireless conference system, a perfect portable solution, guarantees no interference from mobile phones, Wi-Fi networks or other systems setup in adjacent rooms.

Wired Conference System

(Taiden HCS-4100 Series)

We have the largest selection of table-top and flush-mounted push-to-talk microphones. Built-in functionalities can include: electronic voting, simultaneous interpretation, IC card sign-in, and many more.

Simultaneous Interpretation & Audio Distribution

Simultaneous Interpretation & Audio Distribution System (TAIDEN HCS-5100 Series)

Our simultaneous interpretation system is capable of transmitting up to 64 channels of high quality digital audio and up to 32 channels wirelessly in digital infrared language distribution.

Multilingual Remote Participation

Paperless Multimedia Conference System (Taiden HCS-8300 Series) (Multilingual Remote Audio Interface)

Attend allows remote attendees to dial in to a meeting and both LISTEN and SPEAK in their preferred language making use of the same interpreters that are serving the meeting venue.

Automatic Video Tracking

Automatic Video Tracking Essential for all your video conferencing needs: using push-to-talk microphones and a mounted PTZ camera, the activation of a microphone will automatically capture the image of the speaker.

Electronic Voting System

Electronic Voting System We provide wired and wireless electronic voting solutions with different forms of voting such as parliamentary (yes/no/abstain), multiple choice, and audience response.

Meeting Management and Control

Meeting Management and Control (Taiden HCS-6000 Series and Software)

Through our unique and intuitive software modules, all aspects of your meeting can be controlled remotely from either a touch screen panel or with an easy click-of-the mouse.

Media Vision
Media Vision is a leading provider of professional wired and wireless conferencing solutions for multipurpose meeting rooms, VTC boardrooms, training centers, council chambers and auditoriums.

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