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Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings. Our solution range includes wired, wireless and multimedia conference microphone systems, simultaneous interpreting, assistive listening, and a multichannel streaming solution. Supported by a dedicated product engineering team, delivering local support, Media Vision works with system integrators and consultants to design the best system configuration and ensure impeccable project delivery.

The most recognized experts in congress technologies and simultaneous interpretation have joined the Media Vision team, driven by a belief in technology and a high energy to deliver their very best.

Media Vision Timeline


Media Vision was founded by Fardad Zabetian with headquarters in San Francisco, California

Following the thriving Silicon Valley spirit, Media Vision’s founding history is filled with the flavors of entrepreneurship, risk-taking, hard work and most of all the dreams of an immigrant making it all happen.

Media Vision became exclusive distributor of Interkom electronic

The company has supported Interkom's DMC, iCC, iCL and Revoluto lines of conference, electronic voting and simultaneous interpretation technology until February of 2006.

Media Vision added Close-Talk IR wireless conferencing to its product line

The addition of Swedish-manufacturer Close-Talk is no surprise as we have always supported using infrared wireless technology over RF.

Media Vision became TAIDEN exclusive distributor

The start of a long-term and expanding relationship with a phenomenal Chinese manufacturer in search of continuous innovation. TAIDEN is now a recognized and much respected leader in the field of conferencing and language interpretation technology.


Successful delivery of conferencing equipment for 4 major international congresses

Through our sister-company Conference Rental and selected audiovisual partner, we successfully provided conferencing and interpretation equipment for four simultaneous events in Mexico and the United States: The ITU Plenipotentiary Conference, a 19-day event for over 2500 attendees, the World bank and IMF Annual Meetings, the International Olympic Committee/ANOC Board Meeting and the Global Forum on Migration and Development. Quite an achievement!

Media Vision
Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings

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