Sébastien Kergoat

Sébastien Kergoat

Sales Account Manager South of France

Sébastien joined Media Vision in September 2015 as Sales Account Manager for the south of France. Before joining Media Vision he worked for Audiopole for 5 years as a technical salesman in charge of the music industry market for the south of France.  Audiopole is one of the leading distributors in AV for the French Market.
He studied electronics systems for 4 years at the acclaimed vocational technical school of Noisiel near Paris. Sébastien successfully finished with an contract of apprenticeship in sales to obtain a double skill. He did his apprenticeship with the French company APG France who is a speaker and subwoofer manufacturer. He then took a year to learn English abroad and spent 8 months in Dublin.
His passion for AV/Audio comes from middle school during his first observation work experience which was with Dynamic Audio in 2002. At this time this company was in charge of the distribution of Beyerdynamic and Mipro.
Sébastien lives in Montpellier, France with his girlfriend of 2 years. His hobbies are cinema, comics and spending time with friends.

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