Flexible Meeting Spaces

Flexible Meeting Spaces

Do you have a large reconfigurable conference room that may be divided into multiple teleconferencing spaces? Multipurpose rooms are used by different groups and frequently rearranged. Multiple adjacent rooms with airwalls may also be combined to accommodate larger groups.

Do you need microphones that are wireless but you worry about crosstalk with systems in the other rooms? Do you have privacy concerns? Or are you in a large cluster with RF and Wi-Fi oversaturation?

Media Vision offers a uniquely powerful wireless microphone system that uses digital infrared transmission, free from all challenges, noises and drop-outs associated with RF systems. Using infrared ensures clear audio performance, it is an inherently secure solution for confidential meeting, and very easy to use.

The solution will allow room combining or splitting with the push of a button, and microphones will auto-handshake to the room they are in without need to manage frequencies or label and assign microphones.

With hundreds of corporate offices and organizations using our portable microphone solution, Media Vision has the expertise to advise you on your audio needs for reconfigurable meeting spaces. Contact us now and enquire about loaner microphones for your next meeting.

Watch our YouTube video on Audio for Multipurpose and Sub Dividable Meeting Spaces


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