Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

Boardrooms and Conference Rooms

Microphones with onboard speakers can be used either permanently retrofit to the furniture or as a table top solution. We provide wired and wireless conference microphones to provide intelligent sound in the room for both local sound reinforcement and also crystal clear conference calls.

Our language interpretation solutions both wireless and wired provides clear communication for the participants in the meetings; providing up to 64 languages for the directors and participants on the table as well as languages selectors in the pedestals for the sitting around the room in the pedestals.

Our intuitive meeting management software controlling microphones and also collecting information from participants such as voting, speaker list, and speaking time with a layout of the conference room so the secretary or the clerk can run the meetings while monitoring the request to speak list. All the languages and the main audio can be recorded digitally with the time stamp and speaker name as a meta file in the system.

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