For most, it’s difficult to remember a time when those first January mornings were met with such widespread relief. In spite of everything, we made it to 2021. As the New Year settles, the Media Vision team is taking a moment to reflect on how the pandemic has shaped the audiovisual industry, while casting our predictions as to where 2021 and beyond might lead us. 

This calendar highlights special events that the company supports to promote team spirit, diversity and cultural awareness, and to show commitment to socially conscious causes that matter to all humans of Media Vision!

Multimedia conference systems are an efficient response to paperless government mandates. Integrating various technologies into one unit, they reduce the need for multiple devices and documents at the conference table. 

Driven by eighteen years of providing leading AV solutions to state and government authorities, Media Vision is happy to announce the launch of its newest product, Virtual Council.

Allowing for on-the-fly changes, as needed, electronic nameplates provide an efficient, seamless, even elegant way to identify attendees, nations, or other key signage elements during conferences.

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Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings

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