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Interkom Conference Systems Now Available in Florida and Puerto Rico


Media Vision USA Inc., the interkom electronic US distributor, appointed Ron Tunks Sales, based in Pompano Beach, Florida to represent interkom conference, voting, and simultaneous interpretation system through out Florida and Puerto Rico.

Ron Tunks Sales, Inc with more than 24 years history in representing leading AV manufactures will continue its high level of support to local system contractors and consultants with interkom conferencing solution for courtrooms, council chambers, corporate boardrooms, and universities.

“Industry reception for interkom conferencing products particularly by Floridian visitors during infocomm in Orlando was so impressive” quoted Mr. Ron Tunks president of RT sales. “Our initial effort will be educating the market with various Interkom solutions.”

“The iCL conference system is the most interesting solution for AV rental houses in Florida” said Bill Cramer, the head of RT Sales system contracting division, “we’ll focus on council chambers, courtrooms, and school district market with iCC and DMC solutions with audio conferencing, voting, and simultaneous interpretation features.”

“We’ll continue to support our rental market in Florida with much higher level of support. We’re looking forward to serving our clients in FL and PR more and more.” said Fardad Zabetian president and founder of Media Vision USA, Inc.

About Media Vision USA
Media Vision based in San Francisco, California is the exclusive distributor the entire interkom electronic conference systems directly to the AV industry. More info http://www.mediavision-usa.com

About interkom electronic
interkom electronic has over 20 years of manufacturing history in the field of conference, electronic voting, and simultaneous interpretation systems. Offices are located worldwide. More info http://www.interkomelectronic.com

Media Vision
Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings

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