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Interkom i12 Simultaneous Interpretation System for International Conferences

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 27, 2003


Fardad Zabetian
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Media Vision USA Inc., the interkom electronic US Distributor, offers conferencing and simultaneous interpretation system for bilingual and international conferences. The number of languages could be expanded up to 50 languages. Conference participants could select their own favorable language with the language selector in the delegate station or wireless receiver.

Small wonder that the demand for the interpretation and translation equipments and services has undergone double-digit yearly increase because of the globalization of the business and organizations, war on terrorism, and a huge influx of non-English speaking people in to the United States. Government boardrooms and conference centers need to be equipped with conference and simultaneous interpretation system to be able to attract multilingual participants.

The interkom i12 simultaneous interpretation system combines of the B2 base station with modular language modules, and technician module. Every B2 base units is expandable to 12 languages, and it could be expandable up to 24 and 36 languages by stacking more B2 base units. Interpreters are using iD12-1 single interpreter station or iD12-2 dual interpreter stations in their sound-isolated interpreter booth. The output of the B2 base unit is sent to transmission technology, which could be wired to delegate stations or wireless receivers.

interkom recently introduced the economy bilingual conference system with the combination of interkom iCL conference system and iD12-2 interpreter consuls. In this solution, participants plug in their headphone socket to the iCL-DV delegate stations.

The complete system encompasses a wide range of possible variants. The i12 interpretation system could be integrated with either iCL conference system or iCC conference and voting system. The interkom i12 simultaneous interpretation system could be either portable or permanently installed.

About Media Vision USA
Based in San Francisco, California, Media Vision USA is the leading and exclusive distributor of all intercom electronic conference systems to the audio-visual industry. Additional information on Media Vision USA solutions and products can be found at www.mediavision-usa.com

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Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings

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