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Internal Q&A with John Butler, Media Vision’s New Sales Manager for the Central Region

March 29th, 2017

Internal Q&A with John Butler, Media Vision’s New Sales Manager for the Central Region

Media Vision expands local support to all accounts in the central US region with the addition of John Butler as Regional Sales Manager. Based near Dallas, Texas, John is now the main point of contact for information on Media Vision’s professional audio solutions including conference microphone systems and assistive listening in 17 States in the Midwest and Southwest.

John Butler is a recognize expert with over 20 years of experience sharing best practices on intelligible audio solutions. He is familiar with the needs and requirements of some of Media Vision’s largest accounts in the central region including corporate end users in the energy field, local government agencies, and higher education buyers looking for interactive learning technology solutions.

Get to know Media Vision’s new Sales Manager, John Butler, though this internal Q&A:

Why did you decide to join Media Vision?
John: I was looking for a more challenging environment that can foster my professional growth and advancement. With my years of experience in the industry, I’m ready for the next step with a market leader such as Media Vision, and I’ve discovered that the reputation for taking care of its own is quite true! I’m very excited to be part of this very diverse and passionate team.

You have been at Media Vision for just over 1 month, how is it going so far?
John: So far so good! My very first day/week was the Global Sales Meeting in Napa, CA and what a great way to start my new adventure. Everyone was extremely helpful and genuinely glad to see me and offer any help they could to get me started. I’ve been on the road over 75% of the time so far so no rest for the wicked! It’s great to get out and see my customers and share all the great solutions I now have to offer into almost any vertical. I cover the entire Central territory from border to border so there is nothing but great potential and opportunity for Media Vision solutions.

What Media Vision/TAIDEN products are you most excited to present?
John: That is the beautiful thing…TAIDEN has so much to offer we can fit into almost any situation. Most excited about the 8300 multimedia series. A microphone discussion system that comes with a 14” touch panel, or a video monitor, providing a real all-in-one meeting technology experience to the end user. I can think of many facilities, particularly council chambers, that will benefit from the solution and solve difficulties with line-of-sight.

Is there any specific application that would see high value using your new product lines?
John: I’m most excited about voting systems used in the higher educational markets and corporate training facilities. The ability to use voting in a non-traditional sense to measure retention is huge in higher education and corporate environments. Universities across the country are all competing for students so what a great way to show perspective students (and really parents) that retention can be measured then adjusted appropriately to ensure the student is really understanding the material. Corporations can be assured that the money invested to train their people is maximized by the audience fully understanding that material. Of course these are just a couple of examples of what Media Vision and TAIDEN bring to the market.

What technical capability of our solution have impressed you?
John: Many capabilities come to mind when thinking of Media Vision and TAIDEN. I guess what has impressed me early on is the desire to listen to the market and our customers and offer new or improved solutions that have come from asking what we could do to enhance or improve our products. The relationship between Media Vision and TAIDEN seems so in concert together which is vital today in bringing solutions to the market.

Get in touch with John now to discuss your conferencing needs: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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