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Media Vision Donates Conference Systems in Support of Education in Underserved Areas

New York, NY, December 18, 2015

Media Vision Donates Conference Systems in Support of Education in Underserved Areas

This holiday season, Media Vision will be giving the gift of audio intelligibility to two organizations supporting education in underserved areas: Democracy Prep Public Schools in Harlem, New York, and Sauvegarde Seine-Saint-Denis in the Northeast of Paris, France will both receive a 10-user conference system.

The first organization is Democracy Prep Public Schools in New York City. This organization operates 17 schools in underserved areas of the US Northeast, including the #1 public middle school in New York City. Democracy Prep proves that students, regardless of what zip code they are born into, can perform at high academic levels, transforming the expectation of what public schools can achieve.

The conference system is portable and will be transported from school to school. System delivery and training took place on December 14th with Ryan Bernier, Systems Technology and Associate, and Benjamin Feit, Chief of Staff. “As a network, we're committed to leveraging our internal human capital to provide targeted professional development opportunities to emerging, developing, and incoming teachers at each of our schools. Oftentimes, that entails pulling staff from multiple campuses (and multiple regions) into one building for the express purpose of learning from master teachers and sharing best practices” says Ben Feit, explaining how the system will be used, "In a growing network of 750+ employees, audio intelligibility takes on paramount importance lest those opportunities for mutual benefit be squandered.”

The second organization receiving a donated conference system is Sauvegarde Seine-Saint-Denis. Founded in 1968, they strive to improve the capacity of all families to support and care for their children. Following the tragic November events, the French Government has chosen this organization to help prevent radicalism.

System delivery and training tooks place on December 15th with Xavier Bompard, General Director, Delphine Gabriel, Director of the Family Center and other key staff members. The conference system will support intelligibility during board meetings and weekly meetings with social partners. "We have a lot of meeting with our social partners to help with child care, housing, and family community insertion.” says Ms. Gabriel "Not a week goes by without a meeting for family support"

Both organization are very pleased with the donated systems as well as the Media Vision team, helping organizations support worthwhile causes for this holiday season.

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