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Media Vision Launches Virtual Council Meeting Solution for Local Government

April 13th, 2020

Media Vision Launches Virtual Council Meeting Solution for Local Government

In the search for videoconferencing platforms that can support formal decision-making processes including voting agenda, the solution offered by Media Vision is one to carefully look into. Media Vision, a leading provider of conference microphones and electronic voting systems for local government administrations, has partnered with KUDO – the specialty videoconferencing provider – to deliver a robust online ecosystem for Virtual Councils.

The Virtual Council meeting solution provided by Media Vision enables the conduct of moderated discussions to take place in request-to-speak mode with operator control of the speaking list. Various roles may be granted to meeting participants and attendees enabling to combine council members, clerks, administrators, and technical team, along with the public at various levels of communication privileges.

Enabling online council agenda management and electronic voting is also a key challenge that local Government administrators are facing right now. The videoconferencing solution recommended by Media Vision for virtual councils enables electronic voting in parliamentary mode with nominative name lists to ensure accuracy and security. Agenda items can be inputted ahead of the session and voting proposals followed by results are displayed live in various formats and archived in the meeting records.

“It is not possible to perfectly recreate all rules of procedure attached to council meetings” admits Patrick Herlihy, VP of System Solutions at Media Vision “But we believe that the moderated meeting environment delivered by KUDO is packed with unique functionalities that make it as close to a virtual council as one may expect in the current circumstances”.

In addition to moderated discussions and electronic voting, the KUDO platform offers capabilities for language interpretation including sign language for maximum accessibility and outreach. The agenda, past proceedings and other presentation documents can be uploaded in a dedicated side panel and are easy to retrieve during and after the session. Finally, there are options for live public and private messaging access, including a chat line with operators for technical assistance. The platform allows large audiences with thousands of public members and can also be combined with an external device to send audio and video signals to existing recording/streaming/broadcasting systems as needed.

“We are offering to deliver this Virtual Council solution in partnership with our local audiovisual integrators to combine technology with reliable support and assistance.” adds Patrick Herlihy. “We know that every council has different procedures and expectations, and everyone needs help figuring out how to best adapt online”. Media Vision has over 18 years of track record working with local government administrators with thousands of audio systems installations from local dais chambers to legislative State houses.

With the hope that this is only a short-term solution, the Media Vision team is available to discuss your technology needs for council meetings with a Virtual Council consultation, and can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audiovisual solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective working and learning environments. Our solution range includes conference microphone systems, simultaneous interpreting, assistive listening, and wireless presentation and visual collaboration tools, with high performance and aesthetics standards. Supported by a dedicated product engineering team, delivering local support across North America and Europe, Media Vision works with system integrators and consultants to design the best system configuration and ensure impeccable project delivery. Additional information can be found at www.media-vision.com

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Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings

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