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Media Vision Releases “Congress Matrix™, a Brand New DSP for the TAIDEN Conference System

San Francisco, CA, September 26, 2011

Media Vision Releases “Congress Matrix™, a Brand New DSP for the TAIDEN Conference System

Media Vision is pleased to present "Congress Matrix™", a new DSP available in the TAIDEN line of wired conference solutions. Specifically, Congress Matrixis a software module that allows you to control eight audio groups available as balanced outputs on the TAIDEN HCS-8300MA. In a practical application like a council chamber, the AV Engineer can use Congress Matrix to individually assign each delegate microphone station to all or some of the eight outputs and then individually control gain, EQ, compression and even delay for each group. This then gives the flexibility to create audio zones with overhead speakers; create different audio destinations such as a house system, cable broadcast or internet streaming; or just to feed a multi-track recorder.


This new feature will allow for a sophisticated design in all manner of acoustical environments without the additional cumbersome cabling or extensive control system programming found in other solutions. What's more is that the eight audio outputs on the TAIDEN main unit can still be fed into 3rd party DSP devices, meaning that TAIDEN will not limit your design scope with other manufacturers in the world of audio. Just use the Congress Matrix software to control audio signal for each output and connect using balanced phoenix blocks to any other audio devices.


"The barrier has been removed on this new line from TAIDEN. Engineers now have the tools and the outputs to tweak and tune the system to the highest levels of performance, especially in local governement," said Product Manager for Media Vision, Wesley Sutliff. "The doors are now open for the applications requiring higher performance power from their audio systems, and Congress Matrix™ is ready to deliver!" 


Congress Matrix is compatible with all TAIDEN 4100 Series "/50" delegate units and the new 8300 Paperless Multimedia Congress System; available thru Media Vision in the United states, Canada and Mexico.



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