Media Vision USA Targets Rental Market with Portable iCL Conference System

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 15, 2003

Media Vision USA Inc., the interkom electronic US distributor, offers iCL conference system for rental market. As the leading provider of IT products, interkom electronic specializes in conference, electronic voting, and simultaneous interpretation technology, included as one of its many significant features is automatic camera control.

The iCL conference system is a single daisy chain cable system could be installed very quickly. Various speaking modes are request to speak, voice activation, push to talk, and auto mode. System combines of iCL-P president station, iCL-D delegate stations, and iCP-2000 power supply. There are XLR input and output in addition to tape output in the power supply. The system could expand easily up to 2000 delegate terminals.

The digitally controlled Conference System iCL, as an interkom or OEM product, today dominates world-wide the market segment of the economical and quality-conscious user.

In order to relate to the lower price segment of the market, interkom now introduces its iCL Station-Set at a particularly reasonable price. The set includes a conference station with built-in 2-way speaker, a screw-on gooseneck microphone with light ring as well as a 6ft long cable with connectors on both ends. All in proverbial interkom quality. The set’s microphone – a new exciting development from interkom particularly tailored to the needs of conference participants.

In addition to many interesting additional programming functions on the delegate station, the president station also has the time management function at his fingertips, enabling even more efficient conference management.

Naturally the new interkom set version is fully compatible with all other iCL components – combinations go smoothly. With the introduction of the new iCL Set, interkom could achieve the goal of offering comfortable and internationally proven technology at an even more cost-effective price in the long-term.

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About Media Vision USA
Media Vision based in San Francisco, California is the exclusive distributor the entire interkom electronic conference systems directly to the AV industry.

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interkom electronic has over 20 years of manufacturing history in the field of conference, electronic voting, and simultaneous interpretation systems. Offices are located worldwide. More info

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Media Vision is a leading provider of professional audio solutions that improve intelligibility and participation for effective meetings

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