New interkom Conferencing and Electronic Voting Package for Municipalities

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 1, 2003

Media Vision USA Inc., the interkom electronic US distributor, offers iCC conferencing and electronic voting technology as a package solution for municipalities. Council chambers and commissioner rooms would benefit from this package with intelligent audio system integrated with voting buttons. Every station is equipped with a gooseneck microphone with light ring, 2-way built-in speaker, and voting buttons.

The single-cable system delivers all features of Council Chamber session, including speaking, listening, voting, agenda-setting, reporting, multi-channel digital audio recording, archiving, and camera controlling. With the highest scale of technology, sound, and broadcast quality, the system comprises of the Central Unit DVM, iCP-2000 power supply, Terminals SLV, and ready made cables. The Mayor, Judge, or Chairperson is equipped with a programmed SLV terminal to cancel and overwrite other delegates while observing the details of voting, and request to speak in the queue list.

Council members use the SLV standard terminal with 3 standard voting buttons (Yes/No/Abstain) and additional 2 more buttons for multiple choice voting. Terminal SLV could be programmed to be excluded of the vote count to be used for podium and staff members.

“Our new competitive package solution has been designed and developed for any size council chambers.” said Fardad Zabetian, president of the U.S. distributor, Media Vision USA. “The all-in-one solution for speaking, listening, and voting is easy to install, operate, and maintain.”

Using iCNS modular software, all the voting details, speakers’ database, and conferencing settings are recorded electronically and could be demonstrated for the gallery. The clerk/operator is able control the session by DVM manager station and retrieve the past recording in her PC.

The complete system encompasses a wide range of possible variants. The software and hardware installation is modular and up to 1200 terminals may be used within the same system. iCC is envisioned for worldwide network interconnections via LAN, ISDN, ATM or satellite with other interkom DMC or iCC systems. The system could handle participants’ data using smart cards. With ergonomic and functional design all terminals are easy to operate with a familiar user interface.

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