Oldest law-making body in North America equipped with new legislative software

Oldest law-making body in North America equipped with new legislative software

For this 100-member legislative body, the oldest continuous law-making body in North America, the renovation design goals called for new voting devices and legislative software that would meet all technical and aesthetic requirements of a modern and prestigious assembly chamber.

The historic desks were equipped with flush- mount TAIDEN voting units, each with an LED display and 5 buttons including custom labeling (“R69”) and a multifunction button. The TAIDEN system interfaces with third-party handheld microphones. This solution was both visually and functionally in line with the delegates’ expectations and comfort-level.

The software package was developed by TAIDEN and Media Vision through extensive collaboration with House representatives to meet the individual needs of all users. The voting operator, clerk, and the audio-visual staff each have their own unique GUI. Custom screens were created to display the bill information and voting results to large audience screens, including vertically hanging video displays. The solution also delivers the ultimate flexibility for data communication with real-time data output via WebSocket interface and the ability to communicate with the State’s CRM.

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